Track x TRAC

My name is Christopher Weiss and I am a third-year human kinetics student at Trinity Western.  I also compete for the Trinity Spartans Track and Field team in the disciplines of the pole vault and decathlon.  To avoid confusion, I am a member of both the Track team at Trinity and now the TRAC team.  I joined the Trinity Refugee Awareness Campaign team at the beginning of the school year and help in the merchandise department. 


This year I was looking for an opportunity to work and serve with my time, ideas and talents.  I felt as though God was putting in on my heart to get involved in outreach and it just so happened that I was already well connected with many members involved with TRAC.  Last year the vision and mission of bringing a refugee family to Langley was brought to the Trinity community by the Trinity Refugee Awareness Campaign.  The campaign quickly grew and spread all across campus and the Trinity community in the form of T-shirts and sweatshirts bearing the TRAC key logo.  I remember purchasing all forms of the TRAC merch to support the cause but was left wondering how I could take my support to the next level.  During the summer, some of my friends involved with the TRAC ministry proposed a position to me of helping with the merchandise team.  I didn’t think much of the conversation till the beginning of this school year where I felt God calling me to join and serve in TRAC.  With this I asked members on the team if the position on the merchandise team was still available and here we are today!


As a student athlete, it can be hard to find an outlet to serve in outreach and ministry when a lot of your energy and time is focused into your academics and athletics.  It is important to remain faithful and patient in that God is working in all aspects of our lives even when the evidence may not be clear.  I feel very blessed with my position I have been given on the TRAC team as it allows me to serve within my busy lifestyle.  I’ll be at the TRAC Tuesday booth outside TWUSA from 10 to 11:30 so swing by and pick up some merch! (Booth runs from 10-3 if you can’t make it then.)