The Closest I'll Ever Be to Being on a Track Team

My name is Hannah Grills, and I am a first-year business student at Trinity Western University.  I was introduced to TRAC by the director of the merchandise team, my good friend, Ava Sawatzy. Ava explained to me at the beginning of the school year what TRAC was all about and asked me if I’d be interested in joining the merchandise team. Thankfully, I said yes! From that day on, I have been a part of the merchandise team, and I help where help is needed. 

In my first few months with TRAC, I have come to the realization that a few committed people, single-mindedly sharing a goal, can make a significant impact on the lives of a group of refugees. Just last week, at TRAC’s Night of Stories event, I was blown away by the dedication and hard work of other local refugee resettlement organizations. Representatives came to talk with TRAC and Trinity Western students about the refugee crisis and their experiences walking alongside refugees who have fled to Canada. It was encouraging to hear from other people who feel called by God to devote their time to helping refugees, like Peter and Dawn-Lynn Prediger, who co-founded and direct Inasmuch Community Society. Peter and Dawn-Lynn provide a home in Abbotsford as transitional housing for refugee claimants.  Their whole focus is on making refugees feel at home and like family. The Predigers also provide for the needs of their new “family members” like food, clothing, medical care, transportation, English lessons, and so much more.  

            The collective message that stood out to me from all who spoke was that, even though they are the ones investing in the lives of refugees, they feel like they have been equally as blessed in the process.

            All in all, it has been an honour to be on the TRAC team and to witness how our small contribution can make tangible change for good in other people’s lives. It’s so exciting to see God’s hand in the work to support refugees right here at home.