Trusting the Fear

Hi, I am Jared La Mar. I am a second year Corporate Comm major with a film minor. I got involved with TRAC last summer when Matt Hayashi explained what he does as a video editor for TRAC. I have always been passionate about making videos since I was a kid, but I have never applied it to a worthy cause. When Matt asked me to join the team, my heart was in the wrong spot. I was excited to join the team because I’d be making videos, but once I started understanding the issue at hand my perspective changed to how people need to understand this crisis that the world is going through. Before I had joined TRAC I had little to no knowledge of the refugee crisis, but when I first met the Kapanda family it opened my eyes to the ignorance that so many people have towards refugees. The family was so grateful and joyful for everything God had given them, even though they had every right to feel down and lonely, being in a new country. Seeing the smiles on their faces and watching God’s love pour out of them destroyed any negative stigma towards refugees that I had been naïve about previously.

This also made me excited for the future of TRAC. If university students can bring a family to Canada, what can we not do? A long term dream that I want to see TRAC achieve is creating a short term mission program in partnership with Global Projects. Living in Canada, there is only so much we can do. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own privileged bubble that we often forget that there is a world of hurt and suffering out there. I believe that God has put us in our privileged situations to help those in need. If I hadn’t joined TRAC I doubt that I would have these overwhelming thoughts of ministry. Even though these dreams of ministry overwhelm me, I know that it’s all for the glory of God, and it’s because of our situation that he works through us. 

-Jared La Mar