More Than Merchandise

Ever since high school, I have loved clothes. I love the way they look, the way they express personality, and the way they can be used as a form of communication. My name is Ava Sawatzky and I am a second-year business student. I have the great honor and privilege of directing the merchandise team.

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During my first year at Trinity, I heard about TRAC, but I finally joined in the summer of 2017. I met a member of the TRAC team and she later asked if I wanted to join the merchandise team. Since I was young, I was always a little business woman playing store and charging people taxes for their purchases using my dad’s old cheque books. The idea of combining my studies and skills in business with my passion, clothes, was too good to pass up. I love being able to use different analytical and creative skills to benefit the team. As the director, my role focuses on marketing our brand and products through social media, communicating with my merchandise team of five, and creating profitable products.

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However, merchandise is more than clothes or mugs or pins. This merchandise is life-changing. The sale of TRAC’s products was enough to bring over the Kapanda family from Kenya. But it wasn’t only through good marketing or prices; it was through God. The guidance of God has made it possible for our team to work together and through His presence, we have been successful in bringing awareness to the refugee crisis.

The refugee crisis hits home since my grandparents were refugees from the Ukraine during the Second World War. They fled the communist regime in the Soviet Union because of faith-based persecution and arrived in Canada in 1945. It has been a privilege to walk alongside the Kapanda family and raise money for our latest project, a scholarship for a student with history as a refugee.

If you are interested in supporting TRAC, consider buying merch. Our next booth is Tuesday, November 14 outside of TWUSA from 10-3.