Fuelled by Love

Canada is a multi-cultural nation. This is why I didn’t think the refugee crisis was important for me to be educated on because I thought it wasn’t too hard to apply for refugee status within Canada. But the fact is that Canada has the space and resources to have more refugees and yet we haven’t increased the amount of people that we are welcoming into the country.

Psalm 82:3 says “Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.”

As Christians, I feel that it is our mission to help those when we are given the chance to get involved. In December I went on a missions trip to Mexico and saw the poverty of a country that is so connected to us. I came home with an ache in my heart and felt the need to get involved in something that would make a difference for people who couldn’t be heard by the masses.

I saw TRAC as my opportunity to make a difference for people on the other side of the world while I could still focus on being a student. I’ve always had this desire to get involved in something that feels important to me. After I attended the initial launch event, I felt this need pressed on my heart that I had to get involved in what TRAC was doing. I talked to Jordan right away and expressed this and he welcomed me to the team. Now in my role as merchandise coordinator, I have the opportunity to contribute my time and skills to a cause that I am passionate about. This is why TWU is so special. Here we can adopt a cause that our whole community can get behind.

-Miranda Friesen