I choked back tears, struggling to maintain my composure as I watched the recurring scene play out in front of me.  The kids simply couldn’t understand each other and the frustration was increasing.  One was explaining the game repeatedly in an exasperated tone and the other was trying to follow and respond in patchy English with a look of terror and embarrassment on her face.

I have been passionate about working with refugees for almost a year now, since refugee children started flooding the Surrey school system and my after school fitness programs for at-risk youth.  These sweet souls didn’t speak the same language as their peers and leaders, they didn’t have snacks when most of the other kids did, they didn’t understand any of the games or activities, they wore shorts and tank-tops in the snow; they were clearly different and it was hard.

Working with these kids during their first 4 months in Canada as they transitioned into a new culture and language, after experiencing such trauma transformed me and stretched me in ways I never expected.  I saw what a tangible support I could be to hurting hearts who were going through unimaginable internal and external conflict. What I didn’t realize then is that Jesus was planting a seed and preparing my heart for an undeniably passionate love.

When I heard Jordie’s vision for TRAC, I was immediately captivated by his authentic passion.  There aren’t too many things that light a fire in me more than listening to people speak with genuine love and commitment.  I saw Jesus in the faces of every picture shown in his presentation, and heard the laughter of my little Syrian friends in my head.  TRAC’s mission spoke to me and gave me the palpable way to continue to pursue growth for that seed in my heart that I had been craving.

Its so easy to feel helpless when we look at the map and see all of the pain in the world. Countries suffering from war, hurricanes, persecution, corruption, poverty... pull up any news channel and the list goes on.  However, overshadowing all of that tribulation, I see hope because I know that the Savior we serve loves redemption. No offence or suffering can exhaust the depths of His love. Our world is a beautiful mess, as overwhelming brokenness becomes whole by the grace of Jesus' redemptive heart.  Through TRAC we desire to be Jesus’ hands and feet, playing a small part in healing brokenness in our shattered world through Christ’s power, even if it’s just the brokenness of one family.

My name is Malia Scholz, I’m a first year in Kinesiology at Trinity Western and the Volunteer Coordinator for TRAC.  This role fits my passion for the refugee crisis and for working with people perfectly.  I am so excited to see how Jesus’s vast redemption and love continues to mold hearts to love His children like He does, through TRAC.  As individuals, we are relatively insignificant pieces in this massive world, but by allowing Christ’s immeasurable power to work in our weakness we are believing that the Lord will perform healing even beyond our goals for TRAC.