Sponsorship Update!

Hello everybody,

Last Thursday, May 25 we received some very exciting news: we have been matched with a family of five from the Democratic Republic of the Congo! After being paired with a sponsorship group, families usually arrive 4-12 weeks later. This means that the TRAC team is eagerly preparing for the family to arrive, learning about the DRC, and practicing French and Swahili.

Our most immediate need before welcoming the family is finding suitable housing for a family of five. Numerous families have already reached out to offer furnishings and other necessities. Moving forward, we will continue to share ways you can get involved and release as much information about the family that is appropriate and available, but we are appreciative of any suggestions, insights, or donations!

While we anticipate many unexpected occurrences throughout this next phase of the sponsorship process we are so thankful that we have such a supportive and generous community behind us. Thank you for your continual support, you have made reaching this milestone a possibility!

Additionally, if you would like to “subscribe” to more frequent email updates from TRAC, please email us at trac.twu@gmail.com to be put on your email list.

With purpose and passion,