Trust in the Uncertainty

I am a third-year business student, who can shamelessly admit, has no clue where he is going upon completing his degree. Although this has been frustrating at times, it has left me with no other choice than to trust God with my future. My decision to be involved with TRAC and the refugee crisis came from this trust. It made me realized that life is full of uncertainty.

Will I ever see my family again? Will I be able to provide for them? Will I have a physical structure to call home tomorrow? All these questions relate to the uncertainty a refugee may feel on an every-day basis. This is how the crisis spoke to me. Not being involved almost seemed as if I was declining the emulation of the love and care God has for everyone. I believe that the comfort experienced through trusting in God must be shared. This very comfort spawns from the love that He has for us– the same love we are called to seek out and spread and the same love that does not completely remove uncertainty, but that leads us to peace through the confidence in the safekeeping of our future in His hands.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them”. God is preparing us through TRAC to do His good works. Even though we approach the summer and the following months with uncertainty, the trust everyone involved in TRAC has in God is what encourages us to keep pushing closer towards our goal. I hope that TRAC’s efforts can motivate others to keep trusting in Him, including the family we will be welcoming here.

The image above shows a road leading into the fog. An individual standing at the very beginning of the road does not know what lies ahead. The only ones who do know are those who live beyond the fog. Similarly, the family we will sponsor is uncertain of what lies ahead. But, what the family doesn’t know is that by only the grace of God, TRAC is in the process of preparing a future for them beyond the fog of uncertainty.

-Carter Perran