TRAC Night

On January 25, TRAC hosted our fourth TRAC Night at the TWU men’s and women’s volleyball games. Initially, our goal was to raise $10,000 for the TRAC Sharing Inspiration Scholarship. However, through merchandise sales and generous donations, we successfully exceeded our goal by raising $12,923.40!



As a member of the men’s volleyball team, TRAC Nights are always special for me. On these nights, two significant aspects of my life collide in the pursuit of a greater goal. Every time we’ve hosted a TRAC Night, the men’s and women’s teams have brought an enthusiasm that has greatly helped make these events successful. Whether it’s buying TRAC shirts to wear for warm up or simply helping promote the event, each athlete utilizes their platforms as Spartans to make a difference in the global refugee crisis. Beyond the court, my teammates have helped the Kapanda family move in and formed relationships with the kids. Their consistent support towards me and the TRAC team has been unexpected, but the impact they’ve made has been tremendous. In total, we’ve raised over $26,000 at TRAC Nights for our projects. 



These nights are such a beautiful picture of the generosity that abounds in this community, showcasing the change that can happen when a group of individuals offer their support. Furthermore, they’re also a representation of the mission of TRAC. Our primary focus is to support newcomers and raise awareness about a global issue. With TRAC Nights, the community has helped in sponsoring the Kapandas and creating scholarship opportunities for refugee students. But I firmly believe the biggest impact we will make is something we’ll never be able to measure - how we touch the hearts of this community. The ripple effect of this influence will have a reach far beyond anything we do. We hope that people who are unaware of the refugee crisis will not only become more informed on the topic, but also be become included in making a difference. And that’s what TRAC night is really about; for one night, athletes, coaches and fans are included in something greater. 

 So, thank you to everyone who helped make TRAC Night a huge success. The need remains great, but together we can continue to make a difference.

- Jordan Koslowsky