The Logo

The TRAC logo tells two stories: one of the gravity of the refugee experience, and the other of hope.

When I first entered the Aida Refugee camp in Bethlehem, I noticed a gate at one entrance with a massive metal key perched on top. As I looked at it, I was informed that it is the symbol for the inhabitants of the refugee camp. As the story goes, when they or their relatives fled their homes in 1948, they took their keys with them, anticipating a chance to return. Nearly 70 years later, the opportunity hasn’t come, and perhaps never will. This key signifies the reality of refugees around the world, who may never return to their homes and may never return to the lives they once lived. It is a symbol of tragic loss. It is also a symbol of unquenchable hope.

As a sponsorship group, Trinity Refugee Awareness Campaign anticipates the day when we can provide a family with a new key. A key that represents a new life, full of new opportunities.

90 years ago, my great grandparents arrived in Canada after fleeing from the Soviet Union. My family history, like millions of other Canadians, parallels those around the globe who are currently fleeing conflict. Because of the safety provided in Canada, the lives of my great-grandparents were transformed, and subsequent generations now live in a new reality. Now, as Canadians, we enjoy and contribute to the societal fabric of this peaceful nation.

We hope that the key we provide will do the same for the family we sponsor. We hope that, when their great-grandchildren look back on the journey of their family, they too will feel the hope, anticipation, and possibility of that very first key.

-Jordan Koslowsky