His Plan: Introducing TRAC's Next Executive Director

I am thrilled to announce that on August 25, 2019, Gabrielle Brügger will be taking over as the new Executive Director of TRAC.

My three-year journey as the ED of TRAC has been the most impactful experience of my life. It has been a privilege to play a role in the growth of this organization, but it recently became increasingly clear that TRAC was entering a season where it would benefit from new leadership.

Since the beginning of TRAC, I have prioritized succession planning, knowing that the sustainability of the organization would depend on competent and Christ-centred leadership. After years of prayer that the Lord would provide a new leader, Gabrielle came into the picture. I could not have imagined a more ideal individual to take on this sizeable responsibility. Gabrielle has extensive experience working with a variety of ministries and is the definition of a servant leader. I have the utmost confidence that God has equipped Gabrielle with the character and skill set to lead TRAC, and I cannot wait to see how the organization will flourish under her guidance.

To learn more about Gabrielle, and how God has led her to this point, please read her blog post below.


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I used to believe in making a plan and sticking to it, thinking that if I worked hard enough it would happen. However, this is not always the case; over this past year, God has shown that sticking to my plan and working towards it is useless if I seek my will and not His. At times it has seemed as though not a single one of my plans would come to fruition. I found myself frustrated, often asking God why my prayers kept on being answered with no and why he was calling my goals and ambitions to change. Despite these questions and the confusion I was experiencing, I knew that God is a God that will provide and guide me according to His perfect plan if I seek Him first and with all that I have to offer. So that is what I tried to do. I turned to Him for guidance rather than in anger and after several difficult months, I began to see the blessings from this period of questioning, turning a difficult time into a season of growth.

One of these clear blessings came in the form of a phone call I received while in California during reading break. Student leadership was something I had planned for and felt prepared for, however, the position I would later receive was not a part of my original plan. The call was from Peter Woekel, Trinity’s Local Outreach Coordinator. Peter and I discussed at length the possibility of accepting the role of Executive Director of TRAC. My initial reaction of shock at the idea that I could potentially take on such a role quickly turned into excitement about the opportunity. Having attended TWU for the past two years, I had heard about TRAC, bought merch, and went to events, but I had never thought that one day I would become the Executive Director. I went from believing God had a direct and simple path of leadership for me, to seeing how clearly he had equipped me to take on the task of leading a student-run refugee-focused non-profit.

At a young age, I began to volunteer, cleaning my church after school with my mother. From that point, I consistently volunteered and discovered, a passion for working in marginalized communities. From working with the homeless population and helping at refugee centres, I found that I felt very comfortable and at ease in these environments. This passion is what made saying yes so simple, I could not miss this opportunity to continue serving a community I love, even despite the fears which accompanied this decision.

As I enter into this role there is plenty that goes through my mind: Can I handle this responsibility? Can I lead adequately? Will I make the best decisions for the people I am leading and the population we are serving? I know that I will at times fail, that I won't always make the best decisions, but I also know that my commitment and effort will never waver. I know things will not be perfect, but I fully trust that God has His hand in this ministry and that He will lead us beyond what I am capable of planning or imagining.

Ultimately, it is not about me, rather it is about allowing myself to be used to further this ministry and continue on the path that was started before me. Through prayers, donations, merchandise, and events, we will continue to bring awareness to the ongoing refugee crisis and provide opportunities to serve with the local refugee population. TRAC is a unique testimony to TWU, created and run by passionate students following God's call. I hope that each incoming class will hear about TRAC and know that we, as a student body, are united by a call to serve, and are willing to dedicate our time and resources to helping others. I hope that when people hear about TRAC they will realize that we do not just claim Christian values but we put them into action. As we continue with TRAC and find new projects to begin and ideas to pursue, I pray that our vision remains this: as a student body of Christians and global citizens, we feel a drive to tangibly respond to the global refugee crisis. As for me, I will just be a small part of this mission, an instrument that is being refined as it is being used.

-Gabrielle Brügger