The Kapanda's First Week: One Year Later

It’s astonishing, really.

The way idealistic circumstances only become a reality when God is involved. The way He weaves all of our lives together. The way He orchestrates perfect timing for every encounter. The Kapanda family is a genuine testament to the blessings we receive from God when we remain faithful.

Normally, a Notice of Arrival is received two weeks prior to a “newcomer” family’s arrival into Canada. We received our Notice of Arrival for the Kapanda family on August 24th, 2017. They were landing in Vancouver on the 28th of August. Four days. We only had four days to secure a house for them, as it was our vision to be able to hand them their very own key to their new home as soon as they touched down in Vancouver. The key is a very prominent symbol throughout refugee history, as it represents the “Key of Return” to the lands from which they have been displaced. So, we trusted that the idealistic circumstance would become reality in those four days. And it did.

The house hunt was frantic and discouraging; doors were closing everywhere we looked. On Saturday, only two days before their arrival, our team looked at a house that we had found online. The landlady already had around twenty offers on the house, but God gave her a heart for “new coming” families, and she chose us. We were able to move everything in by Sunday.


The Kapanda family had arrived. At first, they were noticeably tentative, and rightfully so. As Malia Scholz shared the exciting news that they would be brought to their new home, the father was visibly confused as he processed the words, but deep relief flooded his face when his voice cracked, “We have a home?”

We handed over their house key, a truly remarkable and profound moment as it marked the family’s new chapter of safety, assurance and rest.

Walking through the house, we explained to the family how the shower and lights worked, as the kids excitedly ran around, exploring and curiously investigating the items in their new bedrooms. The different languages did not even present a barrier, as we were able to communicate through God’s language, love.

We stood hand-in-hand and covered their new home with Jesus’ presence and protection.


In the summer of 2017, Jordan Koslowsky connected with a Congolese lady from the same city that the Kapanda family came from. She was very excited at the opportunity to take the family shopping to one of her favourite local stores where they could find familiar Congolese food. When she went to church that following Sunday, she told her other Congolese friends about the new family, not knowing that the father’s nephew actually attended the same church! He hadn’t seen his nephew in fifteen years, so you can imagine the shock when they realized they only lived a thirty-minute drive apart. God loves his children and His ability and willingness to weave our lives together and orchestrate impeccable timing on our behalf is proof of that.

-written by Hannah DeVries