Volunteering: What It Means to Me

With another school year starting, we are excited to welcome new volunteers that are willing to use their interests and abilities to make a difference in the global refugee crisis. To learn more about the experience of TRAC volunteers, read this write up by Christine and check out the video made by Jared! If you're interested in joining us visit our Volunteer page or email volunteer.trac.twu@gmail.com.

"I keep telling people that teaching at MEFC is the best part of my life right now. I look forward to those couple hours on Saturdays every week. It’s an incredible thing – that English was just given to me, I didn’t have to study it or take a course, I just absorbed it as a child. And now, I have something that others desire to learn. I consider it a great blessing to be able to teach and build connections with the students at MEFC. I love seeing how they work together to understand and how a group of middle aged adults can get into the competition of a silly white-board race. There is so much joy and purpose in that place. I am so excited about the volunteering aspect of what TRAC is doing. Donating money is fantastic and wearing merch builds awareness, but there’s an opportunity for students to directly be involved in the lives of newcomers. There are so many things to care and fret about in this broken and dark world, but there are also ways to respond. I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach. If anyone is interested in volunteering – please contact volunteer.trac.twu@gmail.com"

-Christine Dyck