Ministry Coordinator Application


Position Description: TRAC is seeking a student to join our team as Ministry Coordinator for the 2018-2019 academic year. This individual will be part of the Volunteering Team and lead TRAC’s Ministry, which is part of the L.O.V.E Ministries on campus. The Ministry Coordinator will be in charge of supporting the Middle Eastern Friendship Centre in Surrey. Their role will be to supervise and coordinate ESL lessons on Saturday mornings from 10:30-12 pm. TRAC seeks to provide a warm, Christ-like welcome to refugees while equipping and helping them through a challenging transition process.

The Ministry Coordinator will receive guidance and mentorship from Coordinator of Local Outreach, Peter Woekel and will be supported in their role by TRAC’s Volunteering Director Andrea Rodriguez.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead and develop TRAC’s L.O.V.E Ministry.
  • Recruit students to get involved in TRAC opportunities during the Student Ministries EXPO and throughout the year.
  • Oversee and coordinate TRAC’s volunteers and maintain a unified team vision throughout the year.
  • Attend and coordinate Saturday’s ESL lessons.
  • Empower and develop team members through regular team meetings and events such as bible-studies, worship nights, prayer meetings, planning and debrief meetings, etc.
  • Work in collaboration and maintain active communication with the TRAC Leadership Team to develop TRAC’s Ministry and TRAC in its entirety.
  • Act as a powerful role model for the TRAC team and campus community, exemplifying spiritual growth, servant leadership, academic pursuit, and Christ-like maturity.
  • Attend Student Leadership Orientation Week (SLOW week), Fall Qwanoes retreat, and the Spring Winter Training as part of the Local Outreach training and mentorship process.
  • Attend weekly team meetings with the Coordinator of Local Outreach and the fourteen other Student Outreach Coordinators and bi-weekly personal mentorship sessions with the Coordinator of Local Outreach.

*There is an experiential learning grant associated with this role.

Competencies and Qualifications:

  • Leadership, communication, and team management experience
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Strong cross-cultural communication skills
  • ESL experience preferred, but not required

Start Date: Fall 2018.  (The ideal candidate will join the TRAC Ministry and TRAC Leadership Committee immediately. Applicants will still be considered if this is not possible).

Time Commitment:  Approx. 10 hours/week (includes weekly Saturday Ministry Lessons at the MEFC and bi-weekly TRAC meetings).

Apply: (Application closes Friday, February 2 at 12:00 pm)

  • Answer the following questions (approximately one paragraph each):
    • Why are you interested in joining TRAC?
    • What leadership experience have you had?
    • What volunteering experience have you had?
    • What vision do you have for TRAC’s Ministry?
  • Email your application to

Note: Members of the TRAC Team are volunteers and there is no financial compensation provided, however, there is an experiential learning grant associated with this role given by TWU’s Student Life.

Questions: Contact