Engaging in meaningful and practical projects provides opportunities for our community to tangibly impact the lives of refugees locally and globally. Our goal is to not only help, but also to empower newcomers in our community by learning and sharing experiences together. 

See below to learn more about our projects and how you can get involved.  

Sharing Space

Sharing Space is the original project of TRAC which includes sponsoring and settling a refugee family in Langley through partnership with the Mennonite Central Committee. In our first 2.5 months we raised nearly $30,000 to cover the first year of resettlement costs, and in June 2017 we were paired with a family of five from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Kapanda family arrived in August 2017, and it has been an incredible experience to walk alongside the family as they transition to life in our community. Thank you all for your support!

Sharing Taste

Sharing Taste hopes to raise awareness about the experiences and cultures of refugees through the creation and development of a cookbook. Through partnership with the Mennonite Central Committee, TRAC is developing a book that will showcase both recipes and stories of contributors who have resettled across Canada. All proceeds from this book will support the TRAC "Sharing Inspiration" scholarship as well as local MCC programs that are assisting refugees. We look forward to releasing Sharing Taste in the future! Stay tuned for more updates.


Sharing Inspiration

Sharing Inspiration is a scholarship for a student with history as a refugee to attend Trinity Western University. We believe in the transformational power of the TWU community and want to share that with a deserving refugee student. Through post-secondary education, the scholarship's recipient will gain training and experience in their desired field, creating new opportunities. The application is now available for all interested applicants. Donations are also still being collected for the upcoming years of this scholarship and are greatly appreciated!